As part of the ultimate glass coating application, your vehicle’s glass will undergo a thorough cleansing process, releasing decontaminates trapped in the pores of glass. After the cleansing process is complete, a chemical application is applied and a substrate is grown in the glass pores, filling in all the natural microscopic imperfections in the glass. The final chemical bonds to the first chemical, capping and creating an ultra-hydrophobic barrier, leaving your glass clean and pristine.

GlassParency Windshield Protection

Glass Coating Application
  • GlassParency improves visibility in inclement weather, when drivers struggle the most.
  • Insects can be effortlessly washed away.
  • It makes ice, snow and road dirt much easier to remove
  • GlassParency reduces glare
  • Protects against acid rain, corrosion, and mineral build-up
  • GlaceParency is a one-time application that's easily maintained during your warranty term.
  • You will receive text and e-mail reminders during your warranty term for seasonal maintenance on your windshield from GlassParency.
  • Ask us about the vital safety and visible performance advantages of GlassParency.
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